Core Values

Hope Elementary School’s Core Values
Hope Elementary School strives to provide a high-quality learning environment where all students are healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged wherein we will develop RESPECT for self and others, a sense of RESPONSIBILITY for oneself and community, and the will for PERSEVERANCE.

• Accept and appreciate human differences
• Acknowledge and appreciate different learning styles
• Value the rights and property of others
• Work and learn cooperatively with others
• Take care of resources and materials
• Value the contributions and efforts of everyone
• Demonstrate respect, kindness, and responsibility towards others and oneself

• Take responsibility for one’s own actions
• Acknowledge obligations to the community and the environment
• Arrive at school each day prepared to learn
• Participate fully and mindfully in class
• Follow school rules

• Advocate for learning by asking questions
• Learn from feedback and revise work as needed
• Challenge ourselves and encourage each other to learn new skills and practice tasks that are difficult

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